Future-proof your career as a project manager (PM) by learning stakeholder management skills and how to deal with stakeholders efficiently!
(No more guesswork, wasted time, or headaches)

The who, the how, and the why
What is it?

The Beyond Stakeholder Management course is designed to help you understand and deal with stakeholders efficiently, so your projects go smoother. By mastering this skill, you’ll differentiate yourself from the rest of the project managers, and your leadership and colleagues will see you as a more valuable professional.

How does it work?

You join the live course, or if you can’t make it or want to review it – you can watch the replay whenever you want. In the lesson, I’ll explain the concepts using stories and real-world examples, so you learn effortlessly. Follow the proven process step-by-step, use the provided tools and templates, and ask questions. Soon, you’ll harvest the rewards.


Who is this for?

This is for you if you are either a project manager struggling to understand the various stakeholder groups on your projects, or you want to gain an edge and learn how to work with them better, meaning less guesswork, headaches, or things popping up last minute, allowing you to achieve better results.

When does it start?

The course starts June 8th at 6pm, and it’s online, so you can access it from anywhere in the world. If you can’t make it at that time, don’t worry. Every student will have lifetime access to the course’s replay, so you can review content as many times as you want. Additionally, you’ll always have access to me to answer your questions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You already know that most courses provide a 30-day guarantee, which is fine but not ideal for us project managers. What if you have a hectic schedule this month? You might not be able to enjoy the guarantee if life sets you back a few weeks.

Don’t worry. I have no doubt that this course will take your project management skills to the next level, so I offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no deadline. If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, you can ask for a refund whenever you want.

Why do I offer this crazy guarantee? It’s simple. I’m sure that once you learn the material and apply it, you’ll realize how powerful this is, and you won’t be asking for a refund, you’ll be asking for the next course.

Since you are an email subscriber, get all these benefits totaling $297 for $97!!

  • Master the art of dealing with stakeholders fast.
  • Make your projects go smoother.
  • Become a more valuable professional for your company (if you are an employee).
  • Future-proof your career and suffer fewer headaches due to stakeholders.
  • Get all your questions answered by me.
  • Lifetime access to the online course material - learn it at your own pace whenever and wherever your want.
  • No-Risk - Be 100% Satisfied with the course or get your money back.

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Why Does Beyond Stakeholder Engagement exist?

Dealing with stakeholders is the most significant source of headaches for project managers. It’s pretty complex, and most of us weren’t taught how to do it properly. Most project managers are actually guessing every step of the way instead of using a proven process that works.

In fact, 80% of projects are perceived failures by organizations because of poor management of stakeholders, causing a considerable loss of time and money.

If you get a proven process that allows you to manage your projects a total success 30% (or more) of the time — you’ll be saving your company thousands of dollars which would give you a big lever to negotiate promotions and raises.

After over 10 years of trial and error coaching & consulting on projects worldwide, I’ve developed a unique, step-by-step process proven to work in every industry. It’s allowed me to double the average project management success rate.

In this course, I’ll share everything you need to understand and deal with stakeholders efficiently and become a more valuable PM.

Plus, if you still have questions about your specific scenario, you’ll get direct access to me.

From A to Z
Learn how to identify stakeholders, deal with them and build strategies to assess and respond to changing stakeholders’ needs. Literally, everything you need to eliminate the guesswork usually involved in dealing with stakeholders is covered.
Proven Process

I’ve turned the guesswork of dealing with stakeholders into a science. Follow practical step-by-step instructions proven to work in any industry and apply them immediately to your projects, and you’ll see instant improvements in performance.

Expert Mentorship

No matter how good and practical the training is, you’ll probably have questions about some concept or how to apply it in your specific projects. Rest assured, you’ll always have direct access to me to answer all your questions.

Unlimited Access
Not in a rush? No need to try and learn everything right now. Learn what you need now at your own pace and review anything you want later.


Dealing with stakeholders effectively is not just a matter of saving you headaches. It’s about future-proofing your career.

You can deliver your project ahead of schedule and under budget, and your boss would still perceive that another PM, who did worse project-wise, is better than you, just because she or he made stakeholders feel better.

Unfair? Maybe. But this is how business works. So, if you want to future-proof your career, mastering the art of dealing with stakeholders is vital.

Ready to master this skill?


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