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CAPM Certification Exam Prep – PMP Foundation

Lesson 1: Initiating Lesson 2: Planning Lesson 3: Executing Lesson 4: Monitor and Control Lesson 5: Closing

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PMP Certification Exam Prep

Pre-Course: PMI & PMBOK Concepts Foundational introduction to waterfall and agile project management Lesson 1: Creating a High-Performing Team Valuable insights for building a strong project team and engaged stakeholders. Lesson 2: Starting the Project Details the critical planning functions for a project, along with determining the appropriate methodology for administering the project. Lesson 3: Doing the Work After the plans are crafted, the team needs to begin executing them and delivering value to the business. Lesson 4: Keeping the Team on Track Focuses on ensuring the team is able to perform the planned work, navigate obstacles, and manage conflicts. Lesson 5: Keeping the Business in Mind Managing compliance requirements and internal and external change factors are a project manager’s responsibility in addition to delivering value to the business. Post-Course: PMP® Exam Preparation and Study Tips Best practices for preparing to pass the PMP exam and study tips for post class and practice exam and tips

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